skount art painting streetart amsterdam
Almagro, Spain. 2017

Mural part of a series of walls i am working on,  inspired by the meditations of the Seven cosmic currents of energy.

According to the Tibetan esoteric master Djwhal Khulhe calls them the seven channels through which all that exits flows and says that in reality there is nothing in the solar system, whatever its degree of evolution, that neither belongs nor belongs to one of the seven rays.

In each person, the "I am" Presence belongs to a ray, the Solar Angel to another, and the personality to another.

According to the evolutionary state in which one finds and manifests , some of the virtues of the ray, and the same happens with vices of the same ray.

To make it easier we will say that each ray has special virtues, vices and virtues to be acquired and that depends on the evolutionary state of each, what manifest; As everything is always in the spiral of the evolution of the vices will be exchanging in virtues.
This wall depict the White ray:

Purity, Ascension, Renewal of Hope.
With this Flame you can elevate and elevate everything from the imperfect to the perfect ... It is ideal to transcend depressive states. Call this White Energy, put it into action and ascend to the joy of knowing you live and part of this Universe, with something important to do. You know it or not, that's it ... There is something that you and only you can do in this Universe, rise above the human conditions that weigh you down and receive the Guide to fulfill your Incarnation Purpose.
skount art painting streetart amsterdam

skount art painting streetart amsterdam

skount art painting streetart amsterdam

skount art painting streetart amsterdam