January 27, 2016


 photo 2015_12_nature_zpsmcbfbwy6.jpg

This wall was a quick one for the end of 2015

I look back on a very inspiring and successful 2015 full of trips, crazy adventures, experiences, feelings, new friends and paint! I would like to thank you for all your support and good vibes!

January 9, 2016


 photo 2015_12_universal-timer_zpsnwyata50.jpg

Mural painted on "Sunday walls" at Good space gallery. Sydney, Australia. 2015

Thanks to Funskull to organize everything and Ironlak and Sugar artist acrylic for the support and paint.

 photo 2015_12_universal-timer1_zpsuni8obdk.jpg

 photo 2015_12_universal-timer2_zpsmu2timce.jpg

 photo 2015_12_sunday-walls_Sydney1_zpsmkrfjcno.jpg


January 6, 2016


 photo 2015_12_inner-portrait2_zpsn3af86s1.jpg

Mural painted in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia. 2015

Part of "Projections: Internal Latent" series
In this case I painted a metaphorical inner portrait of our real hidden feelings, thoughts or desires; represented by our inner color and universe formed by everything that surround us, everything is part of us and we are part of everything, it influences us and makes us who we are.

Thanks to my friend Rone and Everfresh studio for organize everything

 photo 2015_12_inner-portrait7_zpseveamovx.jpg

 photo 2015_12_inner-portrait8_zps6jlt962j.jpg

 photo 2015_12_inner-portrait4_zpsevzxef0r.jpg

 photo 2015_12_inner-portrait3_zps46ern71r.jpg

 photo 2015_12_inner-portrait_zpslkhtde9v.jpg


January 4, 2016


 photo 2015_12_ethereal2_zpsa4nwgalr.jpg

Mural painted in Melbourne, Australia. 2015.

Part of "Projections: Internal latent" series.
Current exhibition at 19Karen Gallery in Gold Coast, Australia

Thanks to my bro Rone and Everfresh studio for organize de mural and the paint

 photo 2015_12_ethereal1_zpsi5rbh9nu.jpg

 photo 2015_12_ethereal_zpsq7qkhva5.jpg

 photo 2015_12_ethereal4_zpseneutovb.jpg


December 29, 2015


 photo 2015_11_Artificial-microecosystem_zpsu4z1slcy.jpg

After a long trip around Indonesia I painted this commission mural for Telstra Gold Coast, Australia. 2015

This mural is part of a current series that i am currently working in. Based on the idea of a possible artificial microecosystem, mixing organic, geometric and abstract forms inspired by different ecosystems of places i am visiting, including colors and patterns from the pure nature of the place and how the native people include this on they day life, rituals and culture.

 photo IMG_5172_zpsjosqfxju.jpg

 photo IMG_5333_zpsqeiq2pyi.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Artificial-microecosystem7_zpspcblmzzv.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Artificial-microecosystem8_zpslufcdnft.jpg

 photo IMG_5043_zpsp4rq9b7r.jpg

 photo IMG_5042_zpsfug3fzx5.jpg

 photo 2015-11-08-09.30_zpsg9ieef4f.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Artificial-microecosystem3_zpsehtyihib.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Artificial-microecosystem5_zpselvcppiv.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Artificial-microecosystem6_zpsh2ssbqin.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Artificial-microecosystem1_zpsty9x2q2h.jpg

 photo IMG_5040_zpsvgymuhpg.jpg


December 25, 2015


 photo 2015_11_Space-traveller_fuzeillear_zps0wqdfoj9.jpg

Mural painted in collaboration with Fuzeillear in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Australia. 2015
Curated by Analogue/Digital creative conferences.

 photo 2015_11_Space-traveller_fuzeillear1_zpscxqjvzys.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Space-traveller_fuzeillear7_zpswnq5s56p.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Space-traveller_fuzeillear8_zpsxtkfhrnb.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Space-traveller_fuzeillear9_zpsunyizkdv.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Space-traveller_fuzeillear6_zpsrz4na9fy.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Space-traveller_fuzeillear2_zps4qnnklvl.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Space-traveller_fuzeillear4_zpsmtihaxab.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Space-traveller_fuzeillear5_zpsjxg97ldw.jpg

 photo 2015_11_Space-traveller_fuzeillear3_zpsf7jtrmuk.jpg