photo 2016_03_happiness_a-dreams-game_a_zpskprgcgqe.jpg"Happiness: a dream's game"

Acrylic on linnen canvas, 135 x 95 cm

"Between the games of imagination,  reality is defined as a preamble to reverie. Like layers of experiences erected in our mind, dreams make us float in a sea full of desires and illusions. We embark upon a trip of happiness in a pirate paper boat, on an indefinite journey where birds symbolize the freedom of our mind , flowers are the sprouting of our soul and universes are drawn within the harmony of our senses and inner colours"

Painting for the upcoming group show "Happy" curated by 19karen contemporary art gallery at "Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach", Gold Coast, Australia

Opening reception: 13-5-2016
The show will be running until 30-6-2016

All enquiries: info@19karen.com.au

 photo 2016_03_happiness_a-dreams-game_c_zpsk2dip0cl.jpg

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 photo 2016_03_happiness_a-dreams-game_j_zpscyyf55dy.jpg

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