March 7, 2016


 photo 2016_03_nature_Amsterdam_a_zpsvc1zr4kj.jpg

Quick mural painted in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2016

This mural is part of a current series that i am currently working in, based on the idea of a possible artificial microecosystem, mixing organic, geometric and abstract forms inspired in different ecosystems of places i am visiting, including colors, plants, landscapes, people, customs and patterns from the different cultures of the places.

 photo 2016_03_nature_Amsterdam_e_zpss3ei6nvt.jpg

 photo 2016_03_nature_Amsterdam_b_zpsyxski7ux.jpg

 photo 2016_03_nature_Amsterdam_d_zpsaz21biyi.jpg

 photo 2016_03_nature_Amsterdam_c_zpscg6xiqkj.jpg


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