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I’ve been working together with Gwion / Tvb designs in a new abstract piece part of an upcoming new series of painting/installation.

For this ocasion we worked on the idea of an “Artificial biodiversity” mixing natural elements with new media, as a result we have done a piece combining assembled wood,  hand made glasses, LED, video mapping and painting.

100x120 cm
Acrylic on assembled wood
RGB Led 12v, Digiled/ Arduino UNO controller, Pico video projector Acer C205, Full HD media player, multizone led controller, Bullseye hand made glass

This piece was exhibited on Graffuturism exhibition part of the Urban art festival Amsterdam.


skount photo 2015_10_artificial-biodiversity2_zps5y4ozgtj.jpg

skount photo 2015_10_artificial-biodiversity4_zpsudickzz3.jpg

skount photo 2015_10_artificial-biodiversity5_zpsjz3cdrsi.jpg

 photo skount-01_zps1gkqs79s.jpg skount photo Sin-titulo-1_zpsvlt1oc0k.jpg

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skount photo Sin-titulo-2_zpserxvraot.jpg

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