Deep universe of projections. Leiden, Netherlands

 photo 2014_05_deep-universe-of-projections_zps3cb679de.jpg

Last friday 16th of May i was painting in Leiden, The Netherlads at Cultuur?Barbaar! festival

I painted this mural "Deep universe of projections" part of my Astral Projections mural series

Thanks to Miriam Bruijning, Minja Sarovic and all the Cultuur barbaar team, i spent really nice time in Laiden!!

 photo 2014_05_StichtingCultuur_Barbaar_zpsc43883be.jpg

 photo 2014-05-16-1800_zpsf7346469.jpg

 photo 2014-05-07-1532_zpscfc522a5.jpg

 photo 2014_05_deep-universe-of-projections6_zpsdcc260de.jpg

 photo 2014_05_deep-universe-of-projections7_zps0923e28a.jpg

 photo Skount3_zps761f2c05.jpeg

 photo 2014_05_deep-universe-of-projections1_zpsfe26c755.jpg

 photo 2014_05_deep-universe-of-projections4_zpsc19dc647.jpg

 photo 2014-05-16-1556_zpsb819121d.jpg

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