Inner colour. Amsterdam

 photo 2013_12_Inner-color1_zpsc2f0b746.jpg

"Inner Colour" Mural painted in Amsterdam, part of the "Tales of the nine" project

Sometimes we are living in black and white world, hiding our real emotions, feelings and everything that make us unique, under a mask.  Could the cause be that fact that we have fears or a kind of identity disorder generated by the society that surrounds and influences us, our inner-selves?

If we remove our metaphorical mask, what would happen?

Surely we would openly reveal all our souls, bringing them to the surface and conveying all our inner color, sharing it with the people that surround us.

This mural is metaphorical representation of an imaginary colorful soul, a capture of that special moment when she or he removes the fake mask and starts to enjoy the moments in life as a child in a playground would, sharing and transmitting all that we are, colour, imagination, positivity, energy and good vibes with all the people around, and with the rest of the world.

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