"De Tapas" exhibition. Tokyo

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Laguna and Skount "De Tapas" in Tokyo
Was the exhibition that we did at Anagra Art space in Tokyo last november

Anagra presents: The Spanish artists... Laguna & Skount "De Tapas" in Tokyo, exhibition For the first time in Japan, Anagra presents "De Tapas", an exhibition of new paintings and installation by Laguna & Skount. In this exhibition,you will see a crazy combination of dreams, sensations and wishes. The Artists present a pictorial discourse by which we enter into a world of dreams, created to explain the inner universe of the mind, natural phenomena and anything for which there is no simple explanation. Through this new body of work on canvas and paper,Laguna & Skount investigates this complex philosophical world full of arguments about the nature, properties, causes and effects of natural things, especially of the crazy situations lived by the artists every day.

Below are some photos of our mural installation at Anagra

Thanks to Kotaro, Taishi and Kenshiro for all the support and good vibes

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