"Color projection: Duality" print release

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My new print "Color projections: Duality" for Streetart NL is already for sell
Limited edition print of 10, Gicleé on 310 Hahenëmuhle paper, 50x50 cm, numered and signed
You can see details, and purchase it at www.streetart.nl

"Based within the individual color that nourishes and shapes and how this is projected to esterior transmitting their true inner self, becoming visible to others. Acting in turn psychologically as a defense mechanism that operates in emotional conflict or threat of internal or external origin, attributing to other people or objects feelings, impulses, or thoughts of their own that are unacceptable to the subject. The 'project' feelings, thoughts or desires that never quite accepted as their own because they generate distress or anxiety, directing them towards something or someone and attributing entirely to this external object. In this way, the psychic defense threatening manages to put this content out."

"Color projections, duality represents transfer in a particular form of projection, in which the unconscious desires corresponding to a relational situation of the past are reactivated and transferred (projecting) to a new constellation of relationships present Transforming the soul of the individual in emotional duality in which the transfer of emotions is retroactive."

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