Dreamer. Brisbane, Australia

 photo 2013_05_Dreamer_brisbane1_zps24715ba5.jpg

"Dreamer" mural painted in Brisbane (Australia) during Analogue/digital creative conferences. 2013
If the dreamers person still existing, must be like that in a metaphorical sense.

 photo 2013_05_Dreamer_brisbane8_zps53bbd305.jpg

 photo 2013_05_Dreamer_brisbane7_zps487ac0de.jpg

 photo 2013_05_Dreamer_brisbane9_zps6749c482.jpg

 photo 2013_05_Dreamer_brisbane3_zps449bdb62.jpg

 photo 2013_05_Dreamer_brisbane5_zps07230211.jpg

 photo 2013_05_Dreamer_brisbane4_zpsc38acda7.jpg


  1. This is truly amazing! I remember seeing you at the 'Let's Face It Brisbane' event when you did this. We were only there for the sketching part but it is so wonderful to see it completed!


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