Waende Südost festival. Essen (Germany)

"Waende Südost" festival. Essen (Germany)

Two parallel worlds collide within a squarekilometer: on the one hand the estimated 130.000 drivers, who thunder past day
by day. On the other hand the residents, who live to the left and right of the most frequented motorway in Germany. What they
see is a craggy, grey concrete desert with spray-painted and overgrown borders. What they feel are separation, danger and
drabness in their direct precinct. We know that it can be different: We want the Walls!
This summer of 2012 21 local, national and international artists:

Adam Masava Onyango, Nairobi/Kenya
Add Entry, Essen/Germany
Bastardilla, Bogotá/Colombia
Cyop & Kaf, Naples/Italy
Dominik Hebestreit, Wuppertal/Germany
Freiwillig, Essen/Germany
Gabor Doleviczenyi, Essen/Germany
Gigo, Essen/Germany
Goran Novakovic, Zagreb/Croatia
Gunnar Zimmer, Berlin/Germany
Honet, Paris/France
Jachya Freeth, Amsterdam/Netherlands, Berlin/Germany
van Laak, Düsseldorf/Germany
Lawrence Mwangi (Shabu), Nairobi/Kenya
Nils Andersch, Essen/Germany
Nora Schlebusch, Essen/Germany
Skount, Almagro/Spain, Amsterdam/Netherlands
Stinkfish, Bogotá/Colombia
Suriya Fornrumdee, Phuket City/Thailand

want to give the “kiss of life” to the drab and smeared noise
protection walls of the A 40. They want to show with their wall paintings (socalled murals) that there is life beyond and that
this space is still part of the quarter. A unique public gallery along this course, bringing ART visibly and free of charge into this
neighbourhood. And that on a length of 3.5 km. That is more than 3 “Milestones” for all residents and the cultural scene in
Expression of multicultural diversity
It is more than just prettying up and glossing over: This initiative is the explicit expression of our will towards a positive lifestyle,
especially in difficult, urban contellations. This feeling we want to share through this project and support the cultural life in this
quarter. That will have positive effects on housing and school environment, and the quality of life in general for each and everyone
in this community.
Southeast quarter: Active and initiative
The 10 days forecast for this realisation process is imbedded into a manifold supporting program of neighboured social institutions.
The citizens/residents of the southeast quarter are invited to expedite and actively participate in this transformation
process. “WAENDE SÜDOST” forms herewith an integral part of the new Kulturpfad “Murals in Essen”.
Fabulously convenient is the fact that the A 40 will be completely closed off between city centre and the junction with the A 52
in summer 2012.

more info at: http://www.waende-suedost.de